Go-FOC HI200/HV200 75V/100V ESC Based on VESC FOR electric Surfboard

Note: Phase filtering is not available on HI200 and HV200. ! 
With the update of VESC TOOL, the phase filter function of the new version firmware is used.
Using firmware version 5.03 (VEC TOOL 3.1) or above, without turning off the phase filter, will damage the VESC.! !
Please turn off the phase filter function! (The method is shown in the figure below). After the phase line function is turned off, please do not choose to restore the default parameters when using the wizard interface.
Used for  electric Surfboard ,  Electric Motorcycle ,  Electric kart , Electric bicycle ,
And various high-power brushless motor applications.
Go-FOC HI200
Voltage: 75V maximum (recommended within 16S)
Current: 200A continuous, maximum 300A
Based on VESC 75300
Go-FOC HV200
Voltage: 100V maximum (recommended within 20S)
Current: 200A continuous, maximum 300A
Based on VESC 100250
 1, Based on the design of vesc75300/100200 hardware principle

 2. Using 18 mosfet IRF7769L2

 3. Independent gate drive

 4. Independent power supply

 5. Independent current sampling

 6. Active filter circuit makes current sampling more accurate

 7, rich onboard interface

 8, independent two-way adc

 9, support VESC TOOL 

 10. Four-layer board design of size 100x61mm, the circuit is reasonable and stable
Size: 112*73*36 (Including heat sink)