How to use the built-in power switch?

Hardware connection:

Find 16mm metal switch in accessory package , directly plug into the 8PIN socket on ESC(A)   or  use a double headed 8PIN cable(B). As shown in the figure. 

After the wiring is connected, please use glue or heat shrinkable tube to reinforce it to prevent it from falling off when sliding


Software configuration:

In VESC TOOL, enter the APP general page,  Select shutdown mode. 

e.g :  automatic shutdown after 30 minutes: select OFF_ AFTER_ 30M



1. After the FOC detection, you need to set the shutdown time on the APP page before the button will take effect!

2. The shutdown time setting of the left ESC needs to be kept ALWAYS ON !!! otherwise the left ESC may not work. 

3. The detection of sliding power-on is located on the right motor (same side as the switch).

4. Use the correct custom firmware to get the switch button to work. 

5. The button type is a normally closed self-resetting button, and the normal normally open button will not work