How to use the built-in power switch?

Suitable For : DV6 pro / G300

Hardware connection:

Find 16mm metal switch in accessory package , directly plug into the 8PIN socket on ESC(A)   or  use a double headed 8PIN cable(B). As shown in the figure. 

G300's switch pin is the same as DV6 PRO on 8pin socket. 


Software configuration:

In VESC TOOL, enter the APP general page,  Select shutdown mode. 

e.g :  automatic shutdown after 30 minutes: select OFF_ AFTER_ 30M


Firmware default setting ALWAYS_ ON.

The switch function of DV6 PRO is only located on the right side ESC, and the left side ESC just keep the default  ALWAYS_ON.  

The sliding Startup detection is only on the right side ESC of DV6 PRO.