Firmware For Go-FOC DV6 PRO (5.3) (BIN File)


Firmware For Go-FOC DV6 PRO (5.3) (source code)


VESC TOOL  For Windows(3.00)(stable)


VESC TOOL  For Windows(3.01)


VESC TOOL  For Android(3.01)


VESC-Official manual


Note:Phase filtering is not available on ALL HI200 and HV200 . And all HI100 hardware shipped before December 10, 2021! ! !
With the update of VESC TOOL, the phase filter function of the new version firmware is used.
Using firmware version 5.03 (VEC TOOL 3.1) or above, without turning off the phase filter, will damage the VESC.! !
Please turn off the phase filter function! (The method is shown in the figure below). After the phase line function is turned off, please do not choose to restore the default parameters when using the wizard interface.

It is recommended to use the old firmware version 5.02(3.00 VESC TOOL), which is more stable and does not need to turn off the phase filter.