Go-FOC D100 /D75 /D60 Dual ESC

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1. This series of ESCs do not support phase filters! Please turn off the phase filter  when using VESC TOOL version 5.3 or above, otherwise the ESC will be damaged!  Check the details

2. This ESCs supports the original 100250 firmware, but please be careful to limit the Absolute Maximum Current, make sure it is below 200A!

3.When using the original firmware, please strictly follow the recommended maximum voltage and current values in the table below!



Go-FOC D100 / D75 / D60(Cooling box included)    x   1
XT90  Plug (Male and female)  x  1
5.5mm bullets connectors (Male and female)  x   6
PH2.0MM JST wires  
12mm Metal switch button x 1
TypeC USB cable    x   1