Go-FOC D75 75V140A Dual ESC

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The Brand new Go-FOC D75 launched! 
The first batch of 15 sets. Now accepting reservations!
New design based on VESC75300 hardware! Maximum support 75V, dual drive total current up to 280A. Add electronic switch function, and support automatic shutdown.USB socket changed to Type-C . Better circuit design ,All aluminum alloy cooling shell....... 

The second batch is expected to be available by the end of May.

Voltage  : 8-75V(3-16s LIPO ) 

Current :140A x 2  MAX

Hardware:  Based on VESC75300


Weight: 382g


Go-FOC D75(Cooling box included)    x   1
XT90S  Plug (Male and female)  x  1
5.5mm bullets connectors (Male and female)  x   6
PH2.0MM JST wires  
12mm Metal switch button x 1
TypeC USB cable    x   1