Go-FOC DV6 3-12S Dual drive ESC for electric Skateboard Base On VESC6

Shipping list:
Go-FOC DV6(Cooling box included)    x   1
XT90S  Plug (Male and female)  x  1
5.5mm bullets connectors (Male and female)  x   6
PH2.0MM JST wires  
GH1.25 JST  
Micro USB cable    x   1



Voltage  : 8-60V(3-12sLIPO ) 

Current :120A x2  MAX

Hardware:  Based on VESC 6


Weight: 365g




The Go-FOC DV6 is based upon the VESC-Project.

VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder !  

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