Go-FOC G300 100V 300A ESC

Go-FOC G300

The new Go-FOC G300 built on VESC.

300A phase current performance Beast.

Extremely small volume..High energy density

18 waterproof rubber ring, support the whole body anti-splash.

All aluminum alloy shell, super heat dissipation ability.

High current wiring copper column. 

Wiring harness assembly design makes the body more concise.

It can be used in electric surfboard, electric go-kart, electric motorcycle, electric boat, fighting robot, joint robot and other high-power brushless motor control fields.


_Update: Power Switch added.    → How to use ? 


Go-FOC G300(Cooling box included)   x   1
M6x10 screws + lock washer   x5
Wire Harness Assembly   x1
PH2.0MM JST wires    x5
TypeC USB cable    x   1
G300 uses customized firmware: If you need to update the firmware, please go to the Download Page to find the matching firmware.