Maker-X Simple Anti Spark Switch 12S 200A

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MakerX Simple Anti Spark Switch is suitable for frequent switch of high-power electrical appliances, such as UAV, ship model, vehicle model, DIY electric skateboard, high-power electric vehicle, industrial DC high-power contact products, etc.



Voltage: 3-12SLipo (<60V) 

Current: 100A / 200A

Self-locking switch button

LED switch indication

Aluminum box cooling shell  (200A version)

size:33*30*11mm  (200A version)

weight:55g  (200A version)

GH1.25 button terminal wire  (200A version)

Small size , high current, theoretical peak current exceeds 1000A  (200A version)




Even a small short circuit at the output can cause damage to the switch,Please make sure the wiring is correct before connecting the battery