M-TKP CNC Precision Trucks

Black(Optional length 200mm/260mm, please note)
Silver (Length 200mm)
M-TKP Powertrain

Stainless steel body is matched with Aluminum alloy arm, which reduces the weight of the product itself while ensuring the load capacity is still not less than 200kg. The high-quality electroplating process and stainless steel makes our TKP waterproof and rust-proof. Every detail is designed after many test, to make you feel the smoothly high-speed experience!

Material: main body 7050 aluminum alloy. others stainless steel
Angle: 45 degrees
Total arm length: 200mm/260mm (hexagonal, flats distance19mm)
Bushings: 25*14 double cylinder
Shaft: 8mm in diameter, 35mm long
1.Choose black or silver and you will get: A pair of complete M-TKP Trucks (a set of two), including all required parts
2.Choose the powertrain: You will get an assembled power Truck containing the following parts.   (Does not include skateboard wheels)
  1. The assembled front Trucks 
  2. The assembled Trucks contains 2 6354 motors, 2 motor frames, pulleys, belts and other necessary parts.......   

260mm shaft length is on sale, the maximum can be installed 2 6384 motors.